Don't call it a comeback


Last year I quit blogging. On my birthday. I had spent something like three and a half years trying to build a "bloggy" blog and it just wasn't working. Quitting on my birthday felt like the poetic thing to do. But as the year went on I noticed that while I never for one second missed THAT blog, I really did miss having A blog. After some time, especially with how things escalated with my embroideries, I decided that I'd launch a new, better, not-branded blog on my next birthday. Because that felt like the poetic thing to do. Also I have a weird thing with dates. But then I remembered that October ALWAYS ends up getting away from me, and well, my new thing is learning from my mistakes and not making them again. 

So here we are. It's not my birthday yet, but it kinda feels like it. 

I'll spare the superficial introductions, since you can easily read those on my "about" page, and skip to the part where I talk about what you can reasonably expect to find here in this space: absolutely lots of updates about what's going on with my shop or any classes I may or may not be offering, definitely some behind-the-scenes looks into my process and the stories behind my work, probably some personal essays about my journey to a handmade wardrobe and a minimalist lifestyle, and who knows, maybe I'll even get crazy and post some DIY tutorials and sewing patterns. 

Here's to a new adventure, I'm excited to see where this blog takes us. Or maybe I'm just excited because I get to see The Matches tomorrow. Either way, I'm excited.