Hi, I'm Victoria


I used to do a whole bunch of different stuff but now I'm an embroidery artist and craft instructor based in Los Angeles. I have two kids with the guy I married roughly a year after meeting him on Hollywood Boulevard when I was 19 (plot twist: still married). I have degrees in both fine arts and fashion design, and when I'm not working or trying to keep my kids alive I enjoy Disneyland, concerts, and naps. I'm obnoxiously passionate about minimalism, clean living, and slow fashion, but I wont pretend that I'm not also addicted to La Croix, hot cheetoes, and Amazon Prime. My artwork has been featured by alternative press, and I've taught classes and workshops independently as well as through The Makery and Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles.


Disclosure: All photos are my own unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to use my photos as long as you link back to me. Any sponsored posts will be fully disclosed and gifted items marked c/o, please assume any and all links are affiliate links. Thanks for being cool!